MetaFactory: Rearchitecting Culture for the Digital Metaverse

Digiphysical Apparel by the People and for the People

The MetaFactory Vaporwave Pagoda in Cryptovoxels:

🌐 The metaverse is upon us 🌐

In-game items, digital art and virtual land are experiencing strong demand and with their tokenization — we are able to trustlessly transfer value, the key for a virtual world to go from a game or an experiment…to a reality. But this transformation isn’t just one of technology or economics — its a transformation of culture.

🤖 + 🏭 = ✨💎✨

MetaFactory is democratizing brand creation and empowering anyone to create and grow their own culture economy.

🔥👑🌏🎁👟🐟 🎮🐉 🖼🌴😺🎩🐻⛴🌼

Inspired by streetwear, gaming, NFT art and crypto-economics, MetaFactory has developed a crowdfunding platform for the creation of limited run, custom goods with an initial focus on fashion and apparel.

The first cryptoeconomic experiment with physical goods was Unisocks.

But what about NFTs?

MetaFactory creates and produces the very first digi-physical brands whose products will exist as both physical items and digital wearables.

Twisted Vacancy


Alotta Money


Welcome to the Future of Culture and Fashion!

A marketplace for digi-physical apparel created by community-owned brands.