MetaFactory: Rearchitecting Culture for the Digital Metaverse

Digiphysical Apparel by the People and for the People

5 min readMar 2, 2020
The MetaFactory Vaporwave Pagoda in Cryptovoxels:

🌐 The metaverse is upon us 🌐

The possibilities of a immersive virtual world where one can live out their greatest fantasies or explore their biggest fears in a way thats impossible in the physical, ‘real’ world is just upon the horizon. These experiences are still raw in their substance and artistic style, but the potential is pungent for those with a nose for it. Ethereum lays a solid foundation for these new worlds to emerge.

In-game items, digital art and virtual land are experiencing strong demand and with their tokenization — we are able to trustlessly transfer value, the key for a virtual world to go from a game or an experiment…to a reality. But this transformation isn’t just one of technology or economics — its a transformation of culture.

🤖 + 🏭 = ✨💎✨

MetaFactory is democratizing brand creation and empowering anyone to create and grow their own culture economy.

We are enabling a paradigm shift in how brands, community and culture are born and spread. It’s a revolution in engaging social experiences and brand ownership, accessible to anyone to participate in and profit from.

Creators and communities, through aligned incentives, will work together to cultivate brands that collectively resonate, highly accelerating growth. These brands will emerge in the streets — the streets of the physical world and the metaverse. MetaFactory will build the bridge between these worlds, blurring the lines between the digital and the physical.

🔥👑🌏🎁👟🐟 🎮🐉 🖼🌴😺🎩🐻⛴🌼

Inspired by streetwear, gaming, NFT art and crypto-economics, MetaFactory has developed a crowdfunding platform for the creation of limited run, custom goods with an initial focus on fashion and apparel.

  • We curate and manage the product marketplace, promote auctions and stimulate community support.
  • We handle all product production & fulfillment on behalf of our partners, so they only need to focus on their art.
  • We understand the power of fashion to drive culture and community and will facilitate access to high quality production and fulfillment lowering the barrier to entry to an normally elusive industry.

By managing the marketplace and handling production & fulfillment, we can stimulate community growth while allowing creators to focus on their designs. Seeing as fashion drives culture, MetaFactory recognizes that facilitating access to high quality production at the best possible price allows for an explosion of independent, communally owned and operated brands.

The first cryptoeconomic experiment with physical goods was Unisocks.

Unisocks sold a digital token that could be redeemed for a pair of socks. More specifically, it introduced a model where tokens are sold along a bonding curve with each purchase increasing the token price and the redeemable value of each pair of socks.

This was the first effort to create a decentralized brand economy. The tokens, however, exist as a separate product, not directly attached to the socks.

In other words, any individual is able to buy and sell the tokens separate from the socks, promoting speculation by parties uninterested in the product or the brand itself. We recognize and appreciate the game theory of Unisocks, but believe there is a more value-added approach to build brands and elevate creators. The emphasis should be on the product itself and the creator behind it. Rewards should be shared by buyers, not speculators looking to make money ‘playing the market.’

But what about NFTs?

Enter Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs). With an NFT, the product IS the token. When purchasing a product, buyers receive a token representing ownership and any associated benefits or earnings.

By removing the design of a single brand token — limiting the ability for different products to form unique markets — we can create an NFT for each product allowing for better value accrual and transfer.

Each physical item will be embedded with a unique silicon chip that tracks the specific order number of that product and its associated metadata, linking it to its digital counterpart.

Accompanied with the sale of each physical item, buyers will also receive a matching digital collectible — a wearable in the Cryptovoxels Virtual World (with support for other worlds and platforms in the future). Supporters are able to wear their threads in physical form or adorn their avatars in virtual worlds.

MetaFactory creates and produces the very first digi-physical brands whose products will exist as both physical items and digital wearables.

Leveraging apparel as a new canvas for creators, MetaFactory will enable creators and projects to reach new audiences. The fashion world has seen the success of hypebeast brands and communities such as Supreme, Yeezy, Off White and others. MetaFactory aims to attract these same communities and expose them to the world of web3 including digital collectibles, virtual wearables, and decentralized finance.

MetaFactory will not only facilitate the creation of the world’s first digi-physical brands, but anticipates the emergence of entirely digital fashion lines and seeks to aid in their development.

MetaFactory will initially launch with its own brand and product creations of its own design. We aim to set an example for how the platform can be utilized and the power of decentralized brand economies.

We have also partnered with a number of top artists and projects in the crypto space. Our launch partner designs are incredible and we are excited to have them join us on this journey. They are natural trend setters, cultural curators and creative leaders, sitting at the intersection of art and technology, writing and capturing society’s stories as they unfold.

We are proud to officially announce collaborations with the following artists:

Twisted Vacancy


Artist Spotlight:




Alotta Money






Welcome to the Future of Culture and Fashion!




A marketplace for digi-physical apparel created by community-owned brands.