Rise ROBOT Rise!

Our Digiphysical Destiny
  1. the MetaFactory DAO, which consists of an unincorporated association of ROBOT holders interacting through one or more specific smart contracts;
  2. the MetaFactory Entity, through which MetaFactory can interface with the off-chain fiat/physical world (e.g. paying manufacturers, receiving fiat payments, paying taxes, etc) through the government-recognized fiction of legal personhood granted to limited liability companies; and
  3. the MetaFactory BotYard, which is a multi-signature Ethereum account holding undistributed ROBOT guarded by MetaFactory community members elected by the MetaFactory DAO to implement the MetaFactory DAO’s decisions regarding the use and distribution of unallocated ROBOT.
  • MetaFactory-branded product launches
  • uses and distribution of ROBOT
  • MetaFactory-branded commercial partnerships and strategy
  • marketing and incentive design for the MetaFactory brand
  • MetaFactory platform / marketplace features (e.g. sales mechanics, P2P secondary market, NFT standards and integrations, etc)
  • use of the MetaFactory DAO’s treasury
  • Buyers: proportional to dollars spent on MetaFactory Products
  • Designers: proportional to revenue generated by their products
  • Ops/Gov: proportional to the value of their contributions, as approved by the DAO, potentially using tools such as SourceCred.
*UPDATE: Buyer rewards changed to a percentage of purchase price by Governance on 4/22/21

“By recycling bought-back tokens into constant rewards and liquidity, we ensure there is always an incentive to continuously capitalize the system. This is great because it allows the network to leverage the benefits of issuance forever, while keeping the economic benefits of buybacks and the certainty of a known maximum token supply.” — https://www.placeholder.vc/blog/2020/9/17/stop-burning-tokens-buyback-and-make-instead

In the past year, the MetaFactory core team has spent ~$75k USD (not including time commitment/labor costs) from their pockets to bootstrap the project. The goal is to pay down this debt and then keep the operations of the LLC as lean as possible so that maximum value can be recycled back into the MetaFactory ecosystem. ROBOT holders with at least 500 tokens can get access to the detailed expense / revenue data for the LLC for the sake of transparency (subject to any confidentiality obligations or legal limitations that certain information may be subject to).



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A marketplace for digi-physical apparel created by community-owned brands.