Wicked Sunday Club: MetaFactory x TwistedVacancy Culture Collaboration

4 min readJul 10, 2020


Wicked Sunday Club is here.

For those who missed it, MetaFactory has teamed up with the Indonesian sensation Twisted Vacancy to launch a new product line with collaboration at heart.

Harnessing the power of a Dissociative Identity Disorder, Twisted’s style blends 80’s Japanese style with 90’s culture to offer a vibrant color palette full of allegory. His retro, multidimensional take on pop-culture lends itself perfectly to extrapolation, ultimately creating a brand that is meant to be repurposed and reproduced.

This cooperative season pass — entitled the Wicked Sunday Club — provides members with access to exclusive goods and product drops like t-shirts, digital collectibles, and other-worldly wearables. However, what’s really unique about WSC is the comprehensive style guides, asset libraries, and product templates that members can use to create Twisted Vacancy-themed products — all of which are meant to be sold and shared with the community.

This hyper experiment in brand exploration is limited to just 42 slots, 22 of which have already been purchased to date.

The base price for membership started at 1.85ETH, with each purchase increasing the cost by 0.05ETH. This pseudo-FOMO styled price appreciation takes the best elements of favoring early adopters without punishing the last participants with outrageous price multiples.

All in all, Wicked Sunday Club is not meant to be treated as a flip. Instead, those who are most active in the conversation will earn exclusive upside in the form of governance shares and profit-sharing, while those who participate passively through memberships receive the custom goods that make the Twisted brand so unique.

Twisted x MetaFactory

As MetaFactory continues to grow web 3 culture, we’ve always had a vision to take art to a new canvas. This made partnering with someone like Twisted — who has a strong background in brand licensing — a perfect fit.

After being introduced to MetaFactory by a community member Kinshasa, Twisted came to our first call with an entire product line that perfectly met the vision of collaborative creation we’re seeking to incubate.

Twisted Vacancy itself is an IP. It is a character outside of my personal life meant to have it’s own way and represent its own ideas.

Carrying a vision for Wicked Sunday Club to live on long after Twisted Vacancy has passed, this collaboration seeks to empower people to really own the brand. Too commonly, individuals become attached to their brand and it becomes their identity. Twisted sees the detachment of himself from the brand as the real value — giving himself a chance to incorporate other creative avenues like music and apparel which would otherwise be ignored as he grows in popularity.

Now, Wicked Sunday Club members can share a comprehensive style guide to carry on Twisted’s creations in whatever way(s) they see fit. For MetaFactory, this gives us a great way to source the true visionaries — with those who rise to the occasion and demonstrate their value earning their keep in the Wicked Sunday Club DAO.

“With MetaFactory, you have the ability to create anything that you want. Wicked Sunday Club allows me to expand beyond my artistry. Now I’m tapping into music and branding and it’s all possible with a strong community of supporters to back”

Next Steps

For those of you with a WSC membership, go ahead and redeem your membership so that we can add you to a private Discord channel with other members and Twisted himself.

Speaking of Twisted, he’s got a number of collaborations in the works, including a deal with one of crypto’s favorite car companies that will fully demonstrate the magnitude of his artistic ability.

Until then, be sure to stay up with Twisted Vacancy on Twitter, or by checking out his artwork on SuperRare.

To get involved with Wicked Sunday Club, head on over to the Wicked Sunday Club homepage, or join the MetaFactory Discord for any questions about how it works.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank all of our supporters to date, as without you this community would be nothing. Wicked Sunday Club represents the first of many partnerships in the works, all of which will see the light of day before you know it.

Robots out!

Special thanks to Cooper Turley for writing this piece!




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