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Although it has been a crazy year, 2020 has marked the emergence of exciting new trends and opportunities in the crypto space including the exploration of DAOFi (the combination of community governance and decentralized finance protocols), the explosion of personal/social/community tokens, and of course, the unarguable potential of NFTs as an asset class.

MetaFactory sits at the intersection of these trends acting as a community-owned culture studio focused on the creation and sale of digi-physical goods that celebrate crypto. Artists of all types are invited to create products that promote their art, community, project, protocol, token, etc…

MetaFactory sits at the intersection of community, culture and finance. It is the bridge through which online experiences and identities connect to the physical world via unique apparel and brand experiences that are designed, curated and owned by the community. We have spent the last 10 months experimenting, learning and refining our mission and today, we are proud to introduce the culmination of these efforts in the form of $ROBOT, the MetaFactory governance token.

Our Digiphysical Destiny

MetaFactory is a rhizome emerging from the interconnection of multiple communities, technologies, social arrangements, contracts, people and entities — a kind of emergent nervous system without…

Wicked Sunday Club is here.

For those who missed it, MetaFactory has teamed up with the Indonesian sensation Twisted Vacancy to launch a new product line with collaboration at heart.

Harnessing the power of a Dissociative Identity Disorder, Twisted’s style blends 80’s Japanese style with 90’s culture to offer a vibrant color palette full of allegory. His retro, multidimensional take on pop-culture lends itself perfectly to extrapolation, ultimately creating a brand that is meant to be repurposed and reproduced.

This cooperative season pass — entitled the Wicked Sunday Club — provides members with access to exclusive goods and product…

The MetaFactory Genesis Bomber

The Time Has Come…

🙌 🤖 The MetaFactory Genesis Auction is Officially Live! 🤖 🙌

This auction represents the inaugural membership auction and product release for MetaFactory’s signature brand. To participate in the auction, individuals must place a bid in DAI, a third-party “stablecoin” operating on the Ethereum network. The top 42 bidders of the auction will receive membership in the MetaFactory brand entitling them to governance rights and special perks proportionate to their bids. Higher bids are rewarded with product priority and larger Factory Memberships. The top bidder wins the first item and the largest Factory Membership, etc.

Winning bidders will also receive the MF Bomber with reversible Light Mode and Dark Mode designs…

Javier Arrés — The Happy Wonderful Sneaker Factory

MetaFactory creates new brand economies where creators and their communities share aligned incentives through vested interest in success. MetaFactory has built a crowdfunding platform with the goal of creating community-owned brands, where the initial focus is on fashion/apparel. The platform provides a unique opportunity for creators and communities to share both responsibility and success through “Brand Factories.”

What is a Brand Factory?

A Brand Factory is a decentralized organization that promotes the collective management of a brand. The traditional distinction between supporters and artists is blurred, as everyone has a part in guiding the brand in a positive community with aligned incentives.

Factory members share…

Digiphysical Apparel by the People and for the People

The MetaFactory Vaporwave Pagoda in Cryptovoxels: https://knownorigin.io/edition/131700

🌐 The metaverse is upon us 🌐

The possibilities of a immersive virtual world where one can live out their greatest fantasies or explore their biggest fears in a way thats impossible in the physical, ‘real’ world is just upon the horizon. These experiences are still raw in their substance and artistic style, but the potential is pungent for those with a nose for it. Ethereum lays a solid foundation for these new worlds to emerge.

In-game items, digital art and virtual land are experiencing strong demand and with their tokenization — we are able to trustlessly transfer value, the key for a virtual world to go from a game or an experiment…to a reality. But this transformation isn’t just one of technology or economics — its a transformation of culture.

🤖 + 🏭 = ✨💎✨

MetaFactory is democratizing brand creation and empowering anyone to create and grow their own culture economy.

We are enabling a paradigm shift in how brands, community and culture are born and spread. …

The MF Robots are at your service.

EDIT 2/22/2020: The MetaFactory platform and process has changed considerably from the description outlined below. Thanks to all the testers who provided feedback and have helped us to refine our vision. We will be providing a revamped description shortly.




MetaFactory is a crowdfunding platform for the creation of community-owned brands with an initial focus on fashion/apparel. It curates and manages the brand ownership (IP) and product auction marketplace, as well as handling product production and fulfillment on behalf of its brand partners.


MetaFactory aims to solve incentive misalignment between fashion designers, labels and their customers. Apparel pricing is often set…


A marketplace for digi-physical apparel created by community-owned brands.

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